WORLDWIDE SALES (Top-Down List) for artists and albums already in a-z list
Section "Under Construction".
WORLDWIDE SALES (Top-Down List) - RYM-Graphic Version

The estimations are result of an average of my estimations and the chart expert MJDANGEROUS * estimations, thanks to him. This section of the site want to collect all worldwide sales estimation from the past.
Is a huge and long work so i will update sporadically in the time.
LEGEND: "S/C"--> S= Studio Album / C=Compilation/Live/EP/etc..
"+/-"--> "+" indicate that the sales could be higher / "-" indicate that the sales could be a bit inflated
!!-this are estimations using varius sources (forums,sites etc..some of this are on "links" page)-!!

In future when the collection of data will be bigger the organization of this page will change, with a-z lists, top sellers by decade, by year etc..

* for see his estimations visit